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Use the tabs below to discover additional resources for neurocognitive scientific research. Enjoy!


Matlab for Neuroscientists

fMRI 4 Newbies (Culham Lab, University of Western Ontario)

UCLA Neuroimaging Training Program

HIPAA training: There are five modules to this training and it can take up to 90 minutes to complete all of the modules. The course must be completed within 5 business days of your start date or before any access to PHI can be granted. The site is and you will need to request the training, and once a number has been generated for you you will need to log in.

CITI Human Subjects Training: To access CITI training go to the HRPO website,, click on Human Subjects Training on the left side of the site and follow the instructions to get to the CITI training page. You will need to log in.


WU StL Clinical Forms Library

MR Safety Checklist

Volunteer Reimbursement Form

Age–Sex–Ethnicity Form

Of local interest

Neuroscan Compumedics Frequently Asked Questions

MIR Sharepoint (Magnet Bay & Conference Room schedules)

EON Lab schedules (you may need to log in)

Institutional Review Board Training Site, information for researchers who are conducting human research on the hilltop campus or at the medical school. Any person who wishes to conduct experiments with human participants must read through the modules and take the exam.

Neuroscience Program at Washington University bridging the medical and hilltop campuses; from molecular neuroscience to human systems neuroscience.

WUSTL University Directory The university maintains an online database of students, faculty, and staff, and it is a great resource to search for a person’s current contact information.