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There are currently two studies in which you may be eligible to participate. Choose from the list of available studies, below.

Probing and Understanding the Brain
Micro and Macro Dynamics of Seizure and Memory Networks

The purpose of this research study is to help us better understand how the brain changes its activity before, during and after a seizure and how those changes affect the brain’s ability to create and recall memories. To accomplish that goal, we must obtain information both from individuals who suffer from epilepsy and individuals who have never had a seizure or brain injury.

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Pediatric Head Models
For Improved Imaging of Neurological Development

The purpose of this research study is to make models of the electrical properties of the brain and skull in babies and children. The models we make will help doctors and research scientists get more accurate information from non-invasive imaging methods like electroencephalography (EEG) in healthy children and in children who may have disorders that affect the way their brain works.

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